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First Half of Chapter 1: Saturday Night, May 16th

The tall, Nordic blond gazed out the window at Park Avenue, twelve stories below, where cars undulated like trains crossing the prairie, going as far back as a man could see. “Excuse me. Do you know where I can get a drink stronger than ginger ale? I hear Dave’s got something stashed.” Turning, Jake pulled […]

Honoring the Enemy

Suddenly spies are all the rage. First, Steven Spielberg makes a movie—A Bridge of Spies—about James Donovan, the lawyer who negotiated the Gary Powers/Rudolf Abel swap with the Soviet Union in 1962, and then the New York City Council honors Ethel Rosenberg. First the movie: while I enjoyed Bridge of Spies, Spielberg’s whitewash of Rudolf […]

Why does Cora keep inviting Miss Bunting to dine at Downton Abbey?

I’ve been a fairly avid fan of Downton Abbey since I began watching the first season on video while the second season aired on PBS. (I say fairly because some seasons—the second was one of them—overwhelmed me with melodrama). This season, the story lines aren’t as riveting as those in the best seasons, particularly one […]

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