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Five Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

    writer struggles with writer’s block from time to time. We can’t will ourselves to create, but we are not completely helpless, either. We can act to combat the blockage and we can use our time wisely while the blockage remains. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered some strategies for overcoming writer’s block and […]

Sweep Back

Dansul Mortii Your best memories haunt you, and the time you danced to Holst’s Planets in a long blue dress hangs in the air like a ghost as “Jupiter” plays on the radio. You were one of them, then, the sylphs, the Willis, fairy girls with bony chests and hollow cheekbones, floating phantomlike, beautiful as […]

Argh! We lost our theme!

Because of updates by Host Monster, we lost our theme. We’re working to replace it with an even better one–more modern with a cleaner look that accommodates all the great blogs you’re used to reading. We’ll keep posting if you’ll be patient with the current look:-) Thank you from the writers at Skoob Press.

Read The Suspenseful Season

The springtime leaves now rust with age and sunsets burn rust-orange in Oconee County this autumn. The flock of crows that traced our skies all the long summer grows furtive and conspiratorial, their callings echoing in the cool air like rumors of murder. A fellow could get spooked here in the country. Here beside this […]

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